About me


I’m Matthew (AKA Fishermans friend). Welcome to Rainbow Trout Recipes.Net. I have created this website to act as a resource for people who need inspiration when it comes to cooking with rainbow trout (and other fish).

I am a keen fisherman and as such have a constant (well, nearly constant…) supply of beautiful fresh trout. I have been cooking with trout for years and have created some lovely recipes. I have also discovered a number of great trout recipes dispersed throughout books and websites.  I wanted to provide a website that compiles all of my favourite trout recipes into one place.

I would be delighted if you could leave me a message or a few comments to let me know if like the recipes. If you would like to recieve weekly emails with my latest and greatest recipes, please subscibe here, (or in the side bar to the right)

Happy Cooking!

If you would like to try trout fishing but hav no experiance, I would recommend getting a copy of ‘Fly Fishing from Scratch, by Henry Holderness’. Henry is an excellent fisherman and has put many onto the right track. You can get the ebook instantly using my affiliate link – click here!

Cooking with trout
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Take a look at my sea bass recipes ( www.seabassrecipes.net) site for some more inspiration relating to cooking fish.

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