Perfect Brine For Your Smoked Trout Recipes

Brine for Smoked Trout Recipe

Smoking is a great way to cook trout. This is an easy and very tasty brine. I like to soak the fish in the brine for about 12 hours (in the refrigerator). The following ingredients list is ideal for 2 cleaned and gutted rainbow trout of about 2lb each in weight (pre-gutting weight).


• 1/2 a cup for rock salt
• 1/3 cut of soft brown sugar
• 2 table spoons of lemon juice
• 5ml of garlic powder
• 5ml of onion powder
• 5ml of Chinese five spice
• 1.5 litres of water

I generally hot smoke my rainbow trout for about 3 hours at about 210 degrees F/ 100 degrees C.

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